NGN Capital LLC

About NGN Capital


NGN Capital is a venture capital firm dedicated to healthcare investing, focusing on ventures with the potential to achieve above average private equity returns with an emphasis on later stage investments. The funds have flexibility to invest in a broad cross section of healthcare and biotechnology segments including drug products, medical devices and other healthcare segments like services. The funds are diversified by stage, from later stage to selected early stage opportunities, as well as by geography by investing predominantly in the US and in Europe.

NGN Capital is comprised of a professional team and advisors with exceptional investment and management backgrounds in healthcare and venture capital from leading institutions on a global basis. NGN’s professionals were directly involved in transformational developments in healthcare that led to significant realizations for investors. NGN’s advisors are recognized experts in their respective fields of healthcare, science and corporate value creation and work actively with NGN’s professionals. Collectively, NGN’s professionals and advisors bring substantial value creation achievements and commercial expertise in healthcare ventures to the investments of NGN BioMed Opportunity I and NGN BioMed Opportunity II and their respective portfolio companies.

NGN Capital's North American office is in New York, NY, and its European office is in Heidelberg, Germany.