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Aerovance, Inc.

NGN Capital participated in the initial $32 million Series B and subsequent $60 million Series C financings of Aerovance, Inc., a spin-out from Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

Aerovance is a biotherapeutics company focused on developing and commercializing products for novel targets in respiratory and inflammatory diseases. The Company has four Phase IIa clinical programs in development directed towards asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), eczema, and cystic fibrosis. Aerovance targets products with substantial market potential, which fill significant unmet medical needs.

Aerovance is located in Berkley, CA

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Artisan Pharma, Inc.

In 2006, NGN Capital led a $39 million Series A financing of Artisan Pharma, Inc., a spin-out from Asahi Kasei Pharma Corporation (AKP) of Japan. In November 2011, Artisan acquired all shares in Artisan Pharma, Inc., making it a wholly owned subsidiary. Artisan was renamed Asahi Kasei Pharma America Corp. (AKP America)

Artisan Pharma, is focused on developing and commercializing products in critical care and hospital-based markets. As part of the financing, AKP has licensed a late-stage clinical development biologic, ART-123, to Artisan. ART-123 is a novel, recombinant, soluble, human thrombomodulin being developed for the treatment of DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation) in sepsis and DVT (deep vein thrombosis).

In November 2011, Artisan was acquired by Asahi Kasei Pharma.

Artisan is located in Waltham, MA

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BeneChill, Inc.

NGN Capital led a $7 million Series B financing of BeneChill, Inc., an innovative medical device company that is developing a device to deliver therapeutic hypothermia to the brain.

BeneChill is developing non-invasive cooling technology for treatment following ischemic stroke, cardiac arrest or traumatic brain injury. Reducing brain temperature is believed by medical experts to reduce damage to the brain following such events. Relative to other cooling technologies, BeneChill’s cooling technology can be deployed earlier, cools more rapidly and is selective to the brain.

Ken Abramowitz holds a seat on the BeneChill board of directors.

BeneChill, Inc. is located in San Diego, CA.

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BioArray Solutions Ltd.

NGN Capital led the $20 million Series C/D and the $25 million Series E financings of BioArray Solutions Ltd.

BioArray is a molecular diagnostics company that has developed a novel chip-based assay system to serve the needs of medium and larger clinical laboratories. The initial applications are in the blood transfusion and organ transplant donor matching areas. BioArray Solutions combines assay systems that are extremely accurate in even the most complex biological situations with low cost and scalability.

In August, 2008, BioArray Solutions was acquired by Immucor, Inc.

BioArray Solutions, Ltd. is located in Warren, NJ


EKOS Corp.

NGN Capital led the second tranche of an $18 million Series B financing.

EKOS Corporation has developed an intravascular catheter platform using low energy ultrasound to enhance drug delivery through EKOS infusion catheters. Initial applications are in stroke and peripheral arterial occlusion (PAO) disease. The company currently sells the EKOS catheter for use in PAO and is in NIH sponsored clinical trials for embolic stroke. Both the PAO market as well as the market for embolic stroke represent large markets with significant unmet clinical needs.

In July 2013, EKOS was acquired by BTG plc.

EKOS is located in Bothell, WA

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Horizon Pharma (Nasdaq: HZNP)

Horizon Pharma is a specialty pharmaceutical company which was created through a merger of Horizon Therapeutics and Nitec Pharma (a previous NGN investment): The company focuses on the development and commercialization of treatments for arthritis, pain and inflammation and has two late stage products. Duexa has been filed in the US, Lodotra successfully completed a US Ph III trials and is already approved in several European countries and marketed by Merck Serono. in Germany.

Dr. Peter Johann, Managing General Partner at NGN Capital is a member of the Board of Directors of Horizon Pharma.

In July 2011, Horizon Pharma completed an initial public offering on the Nasdaq.

Horizon Pharma, Inc. is located in Northbrook, IL.

Horizon Therapeutics and Nitec Pharma Complete Merger and Combine Businesses

Javelin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AMEX:JAV)

NGN Capital led a $32 million PIPE financing of Javelin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Javelin is a specialty pharmaceutical company focusing on the growing pain management market with three late stage products in Phase III clinical development or in the regulatory filing process. One of these products, Dyloject®, the first bolus injectable diclofenac formulation, has been approved for sale in the UK. Javelin has submitted Dyloject for European Marketing Authorization Application (MAA). Dyloject™ is posed to fill the void created by the stumbling of COX-2 inhibitors in both EU and US markets with a non-selective COX inhibitor. Combined with its Phase II / III PMI-150 (intranasal ketamine) and Rylomine™ (intranasal morphine) products, Javelin is building an exciting franchise in the moderate-to-severe and breakthrough pain markets.

In July, 2010, Javelin was acquired by Hospira, Inc.

Javelin Pharmaceuticals is located in New York, NY.

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NGN Capital led the € 15.5 million Series B second closing following the € 31 million intial round, for a total € 46.5 million Series B financing of Jerini, AG. Jerini went public in November, 2005.

Jerini is a late stage biopharmaceutical company that has completed Phase III clinical trials of Icatibant for the treatment of Hereditary Angioedema (HAE). HAE is a debilitating, potentially life-threatening disease caused by attacks of swelling in the face, throat, abdomen and other parts of the body. Jerini is focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of peptide derived (peptidomimetic) and small molecule therapeutics and has a deep pipeline of preclinical products from its Peptide-to-Drugs platform.

In August of 2008, Jerini was acquired by Shire Pharmaceuticals, plc.

Jerini is located in Berlin, Germany.

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KIKA Medical, Inc.

NGN Capital led a € 7.5 million Series B investment in KIKA Medical, Inc.

KIKA offers the first fully integrated web-based clinical trial data management platform utilizing novel software architecture and advanced professional services. Kika’s Eventa™ Suite allows the customer to seamlessly build, operate, track, analyze and audit clinical studies with novel data handling and evaluation capabilities. The system has powerful monitoring & process controls and is fully FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. It generates substantial cost and time savings for the customer. The company has a strong customer base and worldwide clinical trial knowledge, having supported more than 100 studies across 60 countries.

In December, 2010, KIKA was acquired by Merge Healthcare, Inc.

KIKA is located in Boston, MA.

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Micromet Inc. (NASDAQ:MITI)

NGN Capital invested $8 million in a PIPE transaction in Micromet Inc.

Micromet, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development of novel, proprietary antibody-based products for cancer, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Two product candidates are currently in clinical trials. Adecatumumab (MT 210), a recombinant human monoclonal antibody, is being evaluated in Phase II clinical trials for the treatment of patients with breast cancer and prostate cancer. MT103 (MEDI-538), a BiTE® product candidate, is being studied in a Phase I clinical trial for the treatment of patients with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Micromet has established a drug development platform based on its BiTE® technology, a unique, antibody-based format that leverages the cytotoxic potential of T-cells, the most powerful “killer cells” of the human immune system. Micromet has established collaborations with MedImmune, Serono and Enzon.

In March 2012, Micromet was acquired by Amgen.

Micromet is located in Bethesda, MD

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NGN Capital, in its first buyout, joined with The Carlyle Group to acquire MultiPlan, the largest independent preferred provider organization (PPO) in the U.S.

MultiPlan is the nation’s oldest and largest independent PPO network offering nationwide access to more than 4,200 hospitals, 100,000 ancillary care facilities and 550,000 physicians and specialists. The company’s 2,000 clients include large and mid-sized insurers, third-party administrators, self-funded plans, HMOs and other entities that pay claims on behalf of health plans.

PPOs, which are the most common type of health plan in the U.S. today, offer a provider network and range of value-added services to help employers and other health plan sponsors manage the cost of medical claims. MultiPlan offers a full range of medical cost management solutions to a blue-ribbon list of clients, including the national PPO network, specialty networks, negotiation services and electronic claim routing technology.

In August 2010, MultiPlan was acquired by BC Partners and Silver Lake.

MultPlan is located in New York, NY.

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PIN Pharma, Inc.

NGN Capital led a $6.75M Series A financing of PIN Pharma, Inc.

PIN Pharma, Inc. has developed a novel class of immunotherapeutics predicated upon a unique mode of action which has utility in oncology and other indications.  Its lead compound has demonstrated exceptional preclinical data and safety profile in a very aggressive triple negative breast cancer mouse model. 

William Gedale, Senior Advisor of NGN Capital, and Dr. Ivica Cerina, Partner of NGN Capital, serve as chairman and member of the board of directors, respectively.

PIN Pharma, Inc. is located in New York, NY

OptiScan Biomedical Corp.

NGN Capital led a $36 million Series B financing of OptiScan Biomedical Corporation, an innovative diagnostic equipment company.

OptiScan is focused on further developing and commercializing its system for continuously measuring blood glucose and other analytes in order to support tight glycemic control. Tight glycemic control has been shown in various clinical studies to improve outcomes for hospital patients in intensive care.

Kenneth S. Abramowitz, Managing General Partner of NGN Capital, holds a seat on the board of directors.

OptiScan is based in Hayward, CA.

Power Medical Interventions, Inc. (NASDAQ: PMII)

NGN Capital co-led a $35 million Series B financing of Power Medical Interventions, Inc. (PMI). PMI is focused on developing and commercializing novel high technology surgical stapling closure devices for operating room use. Power Medical went public in October, 2007.

PMI holds more than two dozen U.S. patents covering the pioneering use of computer-assisted, electrical powered placement of surgical staples for wound closure. This advanced minimally invasive staple technology significantly improves the accuracy, speed and safety of gastrointestinal and pulmonary surgical procedures, allowing surgeons to more confidently close bowel and lung tissue. In the future, these instruments will increasingly facilitate surgery that would not be readily feasible with traditional, manual stapling techniques, such as deep bowel surgery and per-oral anastomoses for weight loss surgery. Additionally, PMI possesses a rich pipeline of follow-on products. PMI launched the product line in 2002 and is actively selling to surgeons.

In September, 2009, Power Medical was acquired by Covidien.

Power Medical Interventions, Inc. is located in Langhorne, PA.

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Santhera Pharmaceuticals AG (SWX:SANN)

NGN Capital led the Series B financing (€ 43 million) and pre-IPO rounds of Santhera Pharmaceuticals AG. Santhera went public in November, 2006.

Santhera is a late stage specialty pharmaceutical company with a neuromuscular disease focus. Santhera is in Phase III clinical development in the US and in the Marketing Authorization Application process in Europe for idebenone for the treatment of cardiomyopathy related to Friedreich’s Ataxia. Additional indications for idebenone are in Phase II, including Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON).

Santhera has valuable pharma/biotech marketing/development partnerships in Dyskinesia in Parkinson’s Disease, Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (CMD), and in type II diabetes.

Santhera Pharmaceuticals is located in Liestal, Switzerland.

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Sightline Technologies Ltd.

NGN Capital led a $10 million Series D financing of Sightline Technologies Ltd., an innovative medical device company located in the Advanced Technology Center in Haifa, Israel. Sightline is focused on commercializing and further developing the FDA-cleared ColonoSight® system, a colonoscope with a disposable ColonoSleeve® tube and sheath, which is used for diagnosing and treating abnormalities in the large intestine.

The company’s advanced disposable technology potentially improves safety and speed relative to traditional colonoscopy systems, while the protective sheath places a disposable barrier between the patient, the scope, and the physician.

In March, 2006, Sightline was acquired by Stryker Corporation. (Please see press release for additional information.)

Sightline Technologies is located in Haifa, Israel.


Small Bone Innovations, Inc.

NGN Capital and 3i co-led a $42 million Series B financing of Small Bone Innovations, Inc. (SBI).

SBI was the first company to focus purely on arthritis and trauma in small bones and joints in the upper and lower extremities (shoulder to fingertip and mid-calf to the toe) and is executing a roll-up strategy in those market segments. The company has a deep pipeline of implants, fixation and tissue technology products which will enable it to take advantage of the strong growth in this niche of the orthopedics market.

Kenneth S. Abramowitz, Managing General Partners at NGN Capital, serves as member of the board of directors.

SBI is headquartered in New York, NY.

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Tigris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
NGN Capital led a $16 million Series B financing round for Tigris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Tigris Pharmaceuticals develops therapeutic molecules for use in oncology, with a focus on molecularly targeted and pharmacogenomics-based research platforms. Their lead molecule is AFP-464, aminoflavone 464. This molecule will be entering Phase II clinical trials shortly and has already established multiple biomarkers that will be used to implement a targeted development strategy in such key market segments as triple negative breast cancer, and pancreatic, ovarian, and renal cell cancers. Tigris’ second compound, GGTI-2418 (geranylgeranyltransferase inhibitor), is currently enrolling in Phase I clinical trials in patients with a variety of solid tumors. Tigris’ third molecule, GFB-204 (growth factor binding selective inhibitor of VEGFR and PDGFR), is completing IND enabling studies and would then move to Phase I studies as a cancer therapeutic in patients with a variety of solid tumors.

In September 2012, NGN sold its position in Tigris.

Tigris is located in Bonita Springs, FL.

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